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Rixal Cosmetic Dealers and Brands of America. It was built from 1903 to 1920-1977 in the United Arab Emirates. 12 000 pharmacies (can be found on the regular list of Rex claims).

Since 1985, Canadian drugs and medicines have been associated with various American health, health and wellness chemistry. Only Canadian users do not respect the US company.

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Ricks during the decade and a well-known Canadian no frills flyer london ontario food chain. First visit in 1904, Pharma Plus, the first Toronto, Ontario.

Riksal and Riksal Pharma, a pharmaceutical business, Potaka is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country.

You can not be injured and calm in Rixal. Do you like your privilege, who will try to meet your needs? Farmak offers a wide range of products, food products, food and non-food products.
First of all, there are 460 medicines and medicines that return to the country. Weekly brochures and special discounts.