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Adonis March is a food businessman working in Quebec no frills ca flyer and Ontario, Canada. The company is located in Montreal, Quebec. In 2011, Metro Inc. gained a significant share of the market share (55.5%) ($ 1.538 billion).

Adonis was founded in 1979 by Libya's Libyan brothers and Jamil Cheeb (Jamil Cheeb) founded. Cheaib's friend and colleague George Graeb brought his culture into the new world because of his roots in the Middle East, starting a popular marketing and Middle East diet in North America.

In 1979, he bought a 93-meter storefront at Montreal's Lajeunesse alley Faillon Street.

In 1984, the company's rapid expansion of the expansion of its first store needs, Montreal and the Middle East cities are growing. In order to provide good service to the customer, the group should consider the area where the local service can be served, which will lead to the acquisition of Akadie Avenue. Then, in 2003 there were two new stores. One of the Sauve Roads is west.