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London Drugs from Sam Bass in Vancouver, British Columbia, founded in 1945 as a small pharmacy. 800 Main Street, Vancouver, first place in London, England, Canada, in the house of King George VI, named after.

In 1968 London sold Daylin Corporation. In the superstore mississauga flyer following year, Daylin's branches in the United States experienced financial difficulties and decided to sell London Drugs. In 1976, H.Y. The President bought Tong Louie Louie Group.

Tong Louie for the first time, in the next ten years, for the first time in 1976 in Alberta, with Edmonton on the front of the state border. London Drugs is three times the number of its stores, flocks are expanded and BC.

At the time of their growth, companies have to join a number of products that are in the shelves. Small kitchen appliances, high-end cosmetics and equipment, high quality photos are easy to become the main shelves for product lines.

1981 London Medicines One of the first hours by adding photopolymer labs extended other forms of unconventional pharmacies. An hour-long photo shop, which was delayed in London in 1983 in a photofinancing lab, revealed a path for drug exposure to the Computer Department.