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Courtney Bar Club $ 59.99 (Total $ 89.99)
One or more pieces of bronze copper, which is $ 19.99 (always $ 39.99)
Reality sleeps, $ 49.99 (always $ 99.99)
Dunlopillo Neck, $ 19.98 (all time, $ 89.99)
A ticket, $ 29.99 (always $ 39.99)
Fischer or Mika have five pieces to buy, $ 349.99 (the time, $ 399.99)
The average price of milk is $ 298.99 (unchanged, $ 499.99)
Niklas Sofa $ 24.9.99 (all time $ 299.99)
Nike Camera or toilet seat, $ 699.99 (all time, $ 799.99)